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Amazon Web Service, AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a highly secure cloud platform. Individuals and organizations can utilize a wide range of cloud services and products through the AWS platform, including but not limited to database storage, content delivery, and compute power. AWS is the leading cloud service provider, garnering more market share than the next three cloud leaders combined. Explore the content below to learn more about the capabilities of Amazon Web Services and how the AWS consulting services partners at Enola Labs can assist your business.


What are the Benefits of AWS?

AWS is dominating the cloud because they are able to offer higher speeds, better security, greater flexibility/scalability, and a more diverse product offering than any other competitor on the market. Explore some of the benefits to AWS below.


Increased Scalability

AWS will continue to scale as needed. This is a huge benefit to organizations who are unsure of how much computing capacity they need now and in the future and avoids the common problem of overpaying for hosting services or on-premise server space. With AWS auto-scaling solutions, real-time metrics are utilized to determine when compute capacity is to be scaled up, or slowly scaled-down. In addition, autoscaling offers the unique feature of replacing unhealthy instances—such as a network failure—to ensure the highest performance at all times.


More Cost-Effective Than Hosting Alternatives

AWS is the most cost-effective option for the hosting of your website or application. When working with the certified AWS cloud consulting partners at Enola Labs, we will perform a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to illustrate what your monthly costs would look like. With AWS, users only pay for what they use while also gaining access to a diverse set of AWS Hosting Plans and products. This results in significant cost savings when compared to on-premise data centers and other hosting services.


Increased Security

One of the highest priorities at AWS is security. There is an outdated belief that on-premise data storage is more secure than the cloud. That is simply no longer true, as Amazon heavily invests in several layers of security for the AWS cloud. These security measures are strict enough to meet the security requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations and contain all of the most important security certifications. AWS customers receive unparalleled security protection as a part of their monthly cost and utilizing a top cloud consulting company will ensure your data is protected in-flight, at-rest and in-use.

Our AWS Bundle Includes:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Essentials

Students will learn the concepts and configurations you need to get started using Amazon Web Services, including EC2, S3, and more. Instructions will include an overview of the new AWS certification track and the steps to attaining AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

The AWS SysOps Administrator series is the follow-up to the AWS: Essentials series, which, when combined together, put you on the road to success on your AWS SysOps Administrator certification exam. In this series, you will explore the implementation side of AWS technology, including Networking, CloudWatch, High Availability, Security, Backup and Recovery, and more.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Architecture course is a "sequel" to the AWS Certified Solution Architect: Essentials course. It picks up assuming students are well versed in AWS technologies and assembles a series of “best practices” that, when put together, allow you to deploy a highly-available, cost-effective, automatically-scaling AWS solution that goes so far beyond “getting the job done,” your organization will wonder how they ever survived without AWS. This paradigm-shifting course will leave you floating on AWS Cloud Nine.