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EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer CICISO


The Certified Chief Information Security Officer program is the first of its kind certification that recognizes an individual’s accumulated skills in developing and executing an information security management strategy in alignment with organizational goals. C|CISO equips information security leaders with the most effective toolset to defend organizations from cyber-attacks. To rise to the role of the CISO, strong technical knowledge, and experience is more imperative now than ever before but it must be accompanied by the ability to communicate in business value. C|CISOs understand that their information security decisions often have a direct impact on their organization's operational cost, efficiency, and agility. As organizations introduce new technologies, C|CISOs will develop and communicate a strategy to avoid the potential risks stemming from their implementation to the organization's operations.

C|CISO is not a technical course but a leadership course designed specifically for experienced InfoSec professionals.  The C|CISO course covers the 5 CCISO Domains with deep dives into scenarios taken from the experience of the CISOs who contribute to building the Body of Knowledge.


The five C|CISO domains:

  • Domain 1 - Governance (Policy, Legal, and Compliance).
  • Domain 2 - IS Management Controls and Audit Management.
  • Domain 3: Management of Projects, Technology, and Operations.
  • Domain 4: Information Security Core Concepts.
  • Domain 5: Strategic Planning and Finance.


The C|CISO program is for executives looking to hone their skills & learn to better align their information security programs to the goals of the organization as well as aspiring CISOs. Other information security management certification programs focus on middle management.  C|CISO focuses on exposing middle managers to executive-level content as well as encouraging existing CISOs to continually improve their own processes & programs.    

Achieving the CCISO Certification will differentiate you from others in the competitive ranks of senior Information Security Professionals. CCISO will provide your employers with the assurance that as a CCISO executive leader, you possess the proven knowledge and experience to plan and oversee Information Security for the entire corporation.


Program Components

  • C|CISO Training Program
  • C|CISO Courseware
  • CISO Compass, Fitzgerald
  • Information Security Governance for CISOs, Volchkov
  • The Business-Minded CISO, Kissinger
  • The CISO Journey, Fredriksen
  • Why CISOs Fail, Engel



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