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Cisco DevNet Training Bundle


With the paradigm shift of intent-based networking, software and the network grows more and more interconnected every day. Applications deliver innovative new experiences, and IT professionals can take advantage of automation and DevOps to scale and secure their networking infrastructure. The opportunities to maximize this potential are boundless. But there aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around, and hiring managers need to know that you know your stuff. So how can you prove your skills? One word: certification. In fact, 71% of hiring managers say that certifications increase their confidence in an applicant’s abilities.

That’s why Cisco introduced the new Cisco DevNet training and certification program. They designed the program to help you take advantage of the new opportunities in application design, software development, and automation. With certification options at the associate, specialist, and professional levels, you can start wherever you are and take your career anywhere you want to go. Whether you’re a software developer, networking professional, or some of both, DevNet certifications give you the know-how you need and industry recognition that translates into jobs and possibilities.

To provide you with the most flexibility and options for your Cisco DevNet training needs TaoTastic! has put together a comprehensive training bundle.


Our Cisco DevNet Bundle includes all the training you will need to get Cisco DevNet certified.  This bundle includes:


200-901 DEVASC

  • Given how common Cisco technologies are throughout the marketplace, properly trained professionals who hold their DevNet Associate are very valuable across industries. After receiving this DEVNET training, you'll not only find yourself more marketable as a networking professional but also gain valuable routing and switching skills. With the right experience, DevOps professionals who complete this DevNet Associate training will be well-positioned to step into the network or DevOps engineer roles. For IT managers, this DevNet Associate training can be used for exam prep, on-boarding new DevOps professionals, or as part of a team training plan.


Professional Core

350-901 DEVCOR

  • This course helps you prepare for Cisco DevNet Professional certification and for professional-level network automation engineer roles. You will learn how to implement network applications using Cisco platforms as a base, from initial software design to diverse system integration, as well as testing and deployment automation. The course gives you hands-on experience solving real-world problems using Cisco Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and modern development tools.


Professional Concentration

300-435 ENAUTO

  • The courses in this path cover what you need to know to excel at automating and programming Cisco enterprise solutions. You’ll go beyond traditional enterprise solutions and dive into network programmability and automation principles so you can bring enterprise networks into the future. You’ll learn about Cisco DNA Center, Cisco SD-WAN, and Cisco Meraki, and how these tools can help you with your enterprise networks.






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