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EMC Information Storage and Management, EMCISA

Data storage is becoming more and more important to corporations all the time. With each passing day, massive amounts of unstructured data need to be stored and analyzed. This course provides you with the knowledge and background of technologies in this important area. Areas of focus include storage systems and networks, backup archive and replication, securing and managing storage, and storage virtualization. 

EMC is a giant in the data storage industry. The course also ensures you are aware of specific EMC technologies that address the various areas of data storage. This course also ensures you are prepared for the Information Storage and Management (EMCISA) exam. This exam is a prerequisite for many other more detailed EMC certifications.


EMCISA Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1 EMCISA Introduction
  • Lesson 2 Intro to Storage Management
  • Lesson 3 Hosts and Applications
  • Lesson 4 Introduction to Connectivity
  • Lesson 5 Introduction to Storage Devices
  • Lesson 6 Disk Drive Components
  • Lesson 7 Disk Drive Performance
  • Lesson 8 Block vs. File vs. Object Level Data Access
  • Lesson 9 Direct-Attached Storage
  • Lesson 10 Storage Design Based On Disk Performance
  • Lesson 11 Disk Native Command Queuing
  • Lesson 12 Introduction to Flash Drives
  • Lesson 13 Concept in Action - ESXi
  • Lesson 14 Introduction to RAID
  • Lesson 15 RAID Techniques
  • Lesson 16 RAID Levels
  • Lesson 17 RAID and Performance
  • Lesson 18 Components of an Intelligent Storage System
  • Lesson 19 Storage Provisioning
  • Lesson 20 Concepts in Action - EMC Symmetrix and VNX
  • Lesson 21 Introduction to Fibre Channel
  • Lesson 22 Fiber Optic Cables and Connectors
  • Lesson 23 Fibre Channel Hardware and Ports
  • Lesson 24 FC Addressing and Flow Control
  • Lesson 25 FC Fabric Services
  • Lesson 26 Fabric Redundancy
  • Lesson 27 Zoning
  • Lesson 28 Domain IDs, NPIV, and NPV
  • Lesson 29 FC SAN Topologies
  • Lesson 30 Virtualization in SAN
  • Lesson 31 Concepts in Action - Connectrix and VPLEX
  • Lesson 32 IP SAN
  • Lesson 33 FCoE
  • Lesson 34 Network Attached Storage
  • Lesson 35 Concepts in Action - Isilon and VNX Gateway
  • Lesson 36 OSD, Unified Storage, and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 37 Business Continuity and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 38 Backup, Archive, and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 39 Local Replication and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 40 Remote Replication and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 41 Cloud Computing and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 42 Securing Storage and Concepts in Action
  • Lesson 43 Managing Storage and Concepts in Action 


Who is this certification for?

For individuals who can make informed decisions across multiple technologies involving SAN, NAS, CAS, IP-SAN, Backup and Recovery, Business Continuity, Security, and Virtualization. Topics cover include Storage Systems, Storage Networking Technologies and Virtualization, Business Continuity, and Storage Security and Management.



Program Components

  • EMCISA Training Program
  • Expert Lectures and Demonstrations






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