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Microsoft Word

The familiar Word program lets you create, edit, and share work quickly and easily. Most people can open and work with a document in Word. It’s the most popular word processing program in the world. This course covers the basic and advanced functions and features of Word. Students will learn about editing and formatting documents, adding tables, and managing lists. They will also learn how to insert graphics, control page appearance, proof a document and customize the word environment. The student will also learn about working with tables and charts, customizing formats, using images, and creating graphics. They will also learn how to use Quick Parts, controlling text flow, and using templates, mail merge, and macros.  In addition, the course covers collaborating on documents and adding reference marks and notes. They will also learn how to manage long documents, secure a document and work with forms.


Microsoft Word Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Lesson 01 - Getting Started with Word
  • Lesson 02 - Editing a Document
  • Lesson 03 - Formatting Text and Paragraphs
  • Lesson 04 - Adding Tables
  • Lesson 05 - Managing Lists
  • Lesson 06 - Inserting Graphic Objects
  • Lesson 07 - Controlling Page Appearance
  • Lesson 08 - Proofing a Document
  • Lesson 09 - Customizing the Word Environment

Module 2

  • Lesson 01 - Working with Tables and Charts
  • Lesson 02 - Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes
  • Lesson 03 - Using Images in a Document
  • Lesson 04 - Creating Custom Graphic Elements
  • Lesson 05 - Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
  • Lesson 06 - Controlling Text Flow
  • Lesson 07 - Using Templates
  • Lesson 08 - Using Mail Merge
  • Lesson 09 - Using Macros

Module 3

  • Lesson 01 - Collaborating on Documents
  • Lesson 02 - Adding Reference Marks and Notes
  • Lesson 03 - Simplifying and Managing Long Documents
  • Lesson 04 - Securing a Document
  • Lesson 05 - Form

Your Microsoft Word training will prepare you for a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Microsoft Office Certification proves that you have a core to advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications. Certification is helpful for those new to the workforce or transitioning to a more analytical role since it proves you can perform tasks at a higher level. This gives you a leg up against competing candidates.



Program Components

  • Microsoft Word Training Program
  • Expert Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Fully Loaded Courseware






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