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Ultimate Dark Web Training

Learn how to access and use the darknet and the clearnet privately, anonymously, and securely.

What you'll learn

  • Anonymously access the darknet and TOR hidden services (onion services).
  • Install, configure & use anonymous and private operating systems such as TAILS & Qubes OS
  • Understand how cryptocurrencies work and anonymously use and handle Bitcoin & Monero.
  • Privately communicate using emails and instant messages.
  • Understand asymmetric & symmetric encryption and manually encrypt, sign, decrypt, and verify data.
  • Anonymously obtain Bitcoin & Monero
  • Discover hidden services (onion services) on the darknet.
  • Use darknet search engines and services.
  • Use Qubes & TAILS from USB sticks on any computer without affecting it and without leaving any traces.
  • Bypass censorship & connect to TOR even if it's blocked.
  • Use TOR bridges and pluggable transports to bypass filters.
  • Understand what a VPN is and how to use it with TOR.
  • Configure TOR for maximum security & anonymity.
  • Handle and share files privately and anonymously.
  • Use darknet email services.
  • Use temporary email services.
  • Configure & use Jabber / XMPP to communicate privately on the darknet.
  • Setup & use end-to-end encryption.
  • Understand symmetric and asymmetric encryptions.
  • Use PGP to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Use PGP to sign and verify integrity.
  • Understand what is cryptocurrency and how it works.
  • Understand how Bitcoin and Monero work.
  • Anonymously obtain and use Bitcoin and Monero.
  • Use exchanges to convert one cryptocurrency to another.
  • Anonymously transfer funds using Bitcoin & Monero.
  • Secure your computer and your data by dividing it into a number of isolated domains.
  • Securely handle files (even malware/viruses) without affecting your computer.


This course is a practical tutorial on how to use darknet.  You'll get an understanding of the inner-workings of each topic and each technique covered, then you'll learn how to apply it in real-life scenarios ultimately teaching you how to use the darknet and the clear net in a private, anonymous, and secure manner.  By the end of this course, you'll be able to combine the skills you learned and apply best practices to your everyday use of the internet.


This course covers four main topics:

Anonymity - You'll learn a number of techniques to improve your anonymity, you'll first learn what the TOR network is, understand how it works and how it can significantly improve our anonymity, then you'll learn how to connect to it using the TOR Browser, using TAILS and using Qubes OS, you'll also learn how to configure TOR properly to bypass censorship and connect even if it's blocked.


Privacy - Using an anonymizing network such as TOR is not enough to stay private and anonymous because the operating systems we use (Windows, OS X, Linux) constantly collect data about us, therefore in this course you'll learn how to use two operating systems designed to be more private, more anonymous and more secure; TAILS and Qubes OS, you'll learn how to install these operating systems on a USB stick so you can use them on any computer without affecting the original operating system and without leaving any traces!

There is a full section on encryption in which you'll learn how the two main types of encryptions work (symmetric and asymmetric), what is end-to-end encryption, and how to use it to encrypt/decrypt, and sign/verify data, this allows you to privately communicate and share any sort of data; whether it is simple text, or files such as images, videos...etc without worrying about it being intercepted.

The course also contains a full section on crypto-currencies, because the payment methods we are used to using are not private and not anonymous, so in this section, you'll learn about blockchains, crypto-currencies is and how they work, and how to anonymously obtain two cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin and Monero and use them to send/receive funds.


Dark Net - This is the portion on the internet that is not indexed by search engines and requires special configuration to access. Using anonymizing networks and privacy-focused operating systems are 2 steps in the right direction of becoming more private and more anonymous but unfortunately, it is not enough, the services we use every day are not private and constantly collect data about us, so the search engines (Google or Bing), the email provers (ex: Gmail, or Yahoo), the instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp or Skype), the file-sharing services (Dropbox or Google Drivet) ....etc all of these services are not private, not anonymous and can be used to track us and de-anonymize us. Therefore in this course, I will teach you how to carry out your normal day-to-day tasks in a more private and anonymous manner, so first I'll teach you how to search for websites and content on both the clear net and on the darknet, then I'll teach you how to discover hidden services (onion services) to carry out your normal day-to-day tasks privately and anonymously (such as communicating using emails, or instant messages, file sharing....etc).

Security - All of the above will drastically enhance your anonymity and privacy and allow you to access both the dark web and the clear web privately and anonymously, but if you get hacked, the hacker will gain control over your system and therefore will be able to easily bypass whatever anonymity techniques you're using and de-anonymize you, so all of the above is useless without security. Therefore in this course, I will teach you how to do all of the above securely, then at the last section of the course I'll show you how to take your security to the next level by dividing your operating system into a number of security domains, these domains are completely isolated and used for different purposes, therefore even if you get hacked only a small portion of your system will be compromised and it would be very difficult for the hacker to compromise the entire system or de-anonymize you.


Who this course is for:

  • Anybody interested in improving their privacy and anonymity.
  • Anybody interested in learning how to access the darknet safely.
  • Journalists, ethical hackers, and security researchers



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